FVGCC Document Library

Web Development Tutorials

We hope these tutorial-style documents will help get you started on your Web Development coding adventures!

  • Overview of Source Code Repositories/Version Control
  • Create GitHub Account and Repository
  • Intro to Glitch IDE
  • Connect Glitch to GitHub, using GitHub to sign in to Glitch
  • Create a Web Project in Glitch based on a sample Web template
  • Overview of Web Languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Simple hands-on exercises to edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Introduction to Bootstrap and Responsive Web Design
  • Add Bootstrap to your project
  • Add navigation with NavBar, Jumbotron, and columns to your site
  • Change themes
  • Overview of Client/Server Communication on the Web
  • Understand the difference between Client-side code and Server-side code
  • Learn about Python Flask Web Development by creating your own Web site
  • Use Chrome Developer Tools to explore Request and Response data passed between client and server
  • Create a Web Site “from scratch” in VS Code
  • JavaScript Debugging in VS Code
  • Bootstrap features in VS Code
  • Connect VS Code to Glitch
  • Use VS Code to edit and debug a Web site created in Glitch