Best Music for Coding

As workspaces become more collaborative, it becomes more challenging to work without regular disruption. Often times, software developers need significant periods of time in which they can concentrate without distraction to write complicated algorithms. The most common way to block out noise is to listen to music with earbuds, noise cancelling headsets, etc. Upbeat music with no words and little to no breaks is typically best. Often, ambient, down tempo, deep house music works well. We are going to compile a list here of our favorite coding songs. Enjoy!

Zero 7 – Crush Tape  Google Play

Robin Schultz – Warm Minds Google Play

Matt Lange – So Cliche Google Play

Melosense – Road & Lights Google Play

Watermat – Bullit Google Play

Gotan Project – El Capitalismo Foraneo Google Play

Bearson – Pink Medicine Google Play

Heaven Knows – Cancion para Leandro Google Play

Audiokult Edition 08 (probably lots more good stuff in the other editions) Google Play

Ingo Herrmann – Lala-Land (Le Fashionista Down Tempo Deep House Album) Google Play

Burhan Yuksekkas – Feeling the Tension (Le Fashionista Down Tempo Deep House Album)

The xx – Intro Google Play

Cake – Arco Arena (Instrumental) Google Play

Kaki King – Soft Shoulder (Lots of good stuff from Kaki King) Google Play

Moby – Porcelain (Lots of good stuff from Moby, depending on your tolerance for words) Google Play

Losing Rays: Flavor of Progressive 01 Google Play,921067372,786403354,907821755,1263576146,895920107,641099389,380868127,287358465,1223509284,329481197,181630911,161072775,281242336&wt=playlist&partnerId=&affiliate_id=&at=&ct=