Web Page Basics

Updated Notes for Web Development

In case anyone missed a meeting or needs catching up, here are some technical notes on what we have done so far in our Web Development meetings. The documents also include more details on some of the concepts we are covering:

Week 1: Getting set up with Cloud9 and GitHub; cloning the code from a repository

Intro To Web With Cloud9/GitHub Notes

Week 2: Adding and editing files in a Cloud9 workspace; Git commands; pushing your Cloud9 code up to your GitHub Repository; publishing your site on GitHub

Web Week 2 Notes

Week 3: Languages of the Web: High level look at use of HTML, CSS, and JS. Web directory structure: organizing your files. Hands-on exercise: clean up the sample code for the “Chapter 3” project from the book, separating the JavaScript and CSS out of the index page. Brief look at Dev Tools and Debugging

Web Week 3 Notes


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