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Jan 6, 2017 Meeting

We will be meeting at 25N tonight.


  • This week we will break up into two groups
    • Group 1: Continuation of Java, NetBeans, and Sub Domain set up
    • Group 2: JavaScript on the web – lets take a look at the snake game!
      • What is GitHub, why is it super popular and an extremely important part of open source software development?
      • We will review how the snake game is played – what are the rules?
      • We will take a tour of the high level pieces of the snake game. There is a css file, and html file and a js file. We will talk about how HTML is the ‘skeleton’, JS are the ‘muscles’ and the CSS is the ‘skin’.
      • We will figure out how to unzip the code in our NetBeans default projects and get it to run in our sub domains
      • We will see if we can change little things – the page title, the background color, the speed of the game – where would those things be? HTML, CSS or JS?
      • If we still have time, they can continue to tinker and customize our copy of the snake game, then play on their phones or invite their friends to play.
      • We can also talk about how if we find really great ways to modify the game, we can send the original author a pull request which asks him/her to take a look at (pull) our copy of the code to see if he/she would consider including it in the public build.
      • Download the source code from GitHub 

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