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Jan 6, 2017 Meeting

We will be meeting at 25N tonight.


  • This week we will break up into two groups
    • Group 1: Continuation of Java, NetBeans, and Sub Domain set up
    • Group 2: JavaScript on the web – lets take a look at the snake game!
      • What is GitHub, why is it super popular and an extremely important part of open source software development?
      • We will review how the snake game is played – what are the rules?
      • We will take a tour of the high level pieces of the snake game. There is a css file, and html file and a js file. We will talk about how HTML is the ‘skeleton’, JS are the ‘muscles’ and the CSS is the ‘skin’.
      • We will figure out how to unzip the code in our NetBeans default projects and get it to run in our sub domains
      • We will see if we can change little things – the page title, the background color, the speed of the game – where would those things be? HTML, CSS or JS?
      • If we still have time, they can continue to tinker and customize our copy of the snake game, then play on their phones or invite their friends to play.
      • We can also talk about how if we find really great ways to modify the game, we can send the original author a pull request which asks him/her to take a look at (pull) our copy of the code to see if he/she would consider including it in the public build.
      • Download the source code from GitHub 
Meeting Announcements & Notes

December 16th, 2016 Meeting

We will be meeting at the NEW location for 25N! 25 N River Ln, Geneva, IL 60134

This week, we will be continuing our intro to web development.

  • Welcome a new member!
  • Catch Up: For  any who were not here last week, we will help you catch up by installing NetBeans, creating your Home page, and configuring access to each of our subdomains!
  • FTP
    • Use the FTPSiteDeployer Plugin within NetBeans for simple uploads (usually a single file)
    • Set up and use a separate dedicated FTP Client (FileZilla) for more features, including side-by-side views of local and remote directory structures and files
  • HTML Tag Team! – work in a small team to research an HTML Tag, set up an example of its use, and present it to the rest of the group
  • CSS: Introduce Styles to your Web page to modify appearance and layout
  • Notes for CSS: FVGCC Intro to Web Development Part 2 – CSS

See you on Friday!

Meeting Announcements & Notes

December 9, 2016 Meeting

We will be meeting at the NEW location for 25N! 25 N River Ln, Geneva, IL 60134

This week, we will be starting a month-long intro to web development.

We will start by installing an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and configuring access to each of our subdomains!

We will do these steps in class, but if you would like to download the IDE/plugin at home, it may save us some time.

Download NetBeans ( HTML5/JavaScript version

Download FTP Site Deployer

See you on Friday!

Notes for Friday’s Class: FVGCC Intro to Web Development with HTML