Meeting Announcements & Notes

October 21, 2016 Meeting

We will meet in the board room at 25N at 5:45 tonight.

Tonight’s Agenda:

  • Welcome & Introductions for anyone new tonight
  • Focus on the key concept of Procedures
    • Break a project into manageable units of work
    • Create reusable code blocks that are unit testable
    • Make your program’s code more readable; easier to follow the logic
  • Develop an algorithm together to solve a problem
  • Look at pseudocode; how does it help with the initial approach to problem solving
  • How do we break down the terms used in pseudocode into code blocks to be implemented?
  • Sample AP Exam Question: We will analyze and develop a programmatic solution to Sample Question #8 for the AP Computer Science Principles Course and Exam shown below:

The program segment below is intended to move a robot in a grid to a gray square. The program segment uses the procedure GoalReached which evaluates to true if the robot is in the gray square and evaluates to false otherwise. The robot in each grid is represented as a triangle and is initially facing left. The robot can move into a white or gray square but cannot move into a black region.

REPEAT UNTIL (GoalReached ())


Notes for tonight’s meeting: Introduction to procedures FVGCC


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