Meeting Announcements & Notes

February 12, 2016 Meeting

In our 6th meeting this is what we covered:

  • Demonstration of Piper:  an engineering toy that teaches kids about how computers are put together
  • Overview of Web Page Languages:
    • HTML: Hypertext Markup Language – the “skeleton” of the page
    • CSS: Cascading Stylesheets – the “skin” or “outfit” for the page
    • PHP: PHP Hypertext Preprocessing language; one of many programming languages, and the one used for WordPress coding – the “muscle”  behind the page
    • SQL: Structured Query Language – the way the page and the database talk to each other
  • Intro to HTML and CSS:
    • PowerPoint presentation
    • Hands-on exercise: build your own HTML page using a text editor
    • On-line tool for HTML/CSS/Scripting: jsFiddle – allows you to type your HTML and CSS and preview the output
  • Community Project:
    • Begin layout for the Film Details page using HTML and CSS

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