Meeting Announcements & Notes

January 22, 2016 Meeting


  • Wireless connection announcements & Housekeeping
    • Discussion on 2016 Club Name?
  • Brief introductions for new students
  • Brief overview of Web site – let’s blog together!
  • Brief discussion of possible future projects
  • Demos of any of last week’s Scratch projects (In case anyone created something during the week that they want to share)
  • Conditionals in Scratch: PowerPoint, Worksheet, and Group Code
  • GWC Lesson 1.2 – Video Game Lab
    • Use Scratch to create a video game
      • Your player should move with at least two arrows
        • BONUS FUN: Use the Makey Makey to move your player!!!
      • Your player should do something (sound, costume change, etc) when your player touches an object or canvas edge
      • Shapes can fly horizontally across the screen
      • Your player can catch flying objects
      • The background can move while the character moves so that some things look farther away
      • Make the world appear to continue to go forever by adding another platform
  • Questions/Comments/Discussion

Note: We will be meeting in the board room in 25N.

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